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Astronaut Ape feat. Sunselity — Sakura

Track on VA: Planet Meditation 2
Avatar Records — January 16, 2016


After being left with a taste of more from the first Planet Meditation, released five years ago, the sequel Planet Meditation 2 manages to generate that same relaxed and peaceful mood. Timeless tunes that will touch you in those right places. All tracks are perfect “ear openers”, great to start the day with, or to chill after a party.

Most names are familiar, and a few will be recognized by music experts only. All remixes and edits were re-mastered and are released here for the first time. Overdream vs Tentura with their magnificent remix for ‘Eventide’. Saint Janus with a super Cosmic remix for ‘Pleased by Freaky Culture’, the astonishing new ‘Sakura’ from Astronaut Ape feat. Sunselity, written specially for Planet Meditation 2. As well as the debut release from Argyria.

Planet Meditation 2 is exciting as the first chapter. There’s a very laid-back and shanti, unhurried atmosphere to the album and we feel it is simply timeless. We invite you to join us and dive into PM2 and enjoy 71 min. of euphoria, peace and harmony.