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Earmake — Beyond Reality

Astronaut Ape as featured artist
Self-Released — April 8, 2020


FLYING HIGH, our consciousness strives beyond reality.

DANCING SHADOWS – This is a part of us that awakens in the rhythm of the music. That which we do not attach importance to during the day, but long for it at night. A considerable number of the same shadows nearby create a world in which we love to immerse ourselves with music. This world is as valuable to each of us as a rare EASTERN TREASURE is valuable.
Mysticism and hypothesis are an integral part of human consciousness. Nowadays, the time of high-profile scientific discoveries about space, one planet in the outer part of the Solar System is still a mystery. Does PLANET NINE exist? and how is it related to Jupiter?
After enjoying the SUNSET DEL MAR, each of us will begin to search for answers at night under a clear starry sky. In complete silence. And only the MOONLIGHT BREEZE will slightly distract attention with its coolness, desperately trying to catch its eye on such a mysterious satellite of the Earth.

Beyond reality is beautiful.