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Music album, 7 tracks
Cosmonautica — April 28, 2023


Even in the darkest of times, there is always hope and light to be found.

“Openness” is a deeply personal exploration of the themes of vulnerability, authenticity, and connections. Through my music, I delve into the depths of emotions, exploring the intricacies of human experience. My hope is that this album will provide comfort, inspiration, and support to all those who have felt broken and lost, and serve as a reminder of the power of resilience and hope.

It all starts with ‘Openness.’
By being open, you build a lot of ‘Connections.’
You will have wonderful ‘Experiences.’
But then, you have to face the ‘Consequences.’
After which, there is only ‘Hope’ left.
Then, it is time for ‘Acceptance’…
And only then, you will achieve the ‘Inner Light.’

This album is a genre-blending journey, combining electronic, chillout, and psybient elements with sampled ethnic instruments, ethereal voices, and electronic synth leads, as well as deep, warm, and punchy basslines. The music creates an immersive and emotive sonic landscape, inviting listeners to delve into their own inner world.

Immerse yourself in the emotive sounds of “Openness”, and let the music take you on a unique sonic adventure.


Track 1 – Oleg Belousov & Katrin Belousova
Tracks 2-7 – Oleg Belousov

Cover artwork: Midjourney

Mastering: Astropilot Studio

Special thanks:

  • Alexander, for your invaluable support
  • Nika, for your help, hospitality and inner light
  • Sane and Nastya for making me shine even in a darkest days
  • a girl named Love, for facilitating the album idea and the name