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Astronaut Ape — Close Encounters of The Seventh Kind

Track on VA: Illusion of Gravity
Microcosmos Records — March 4, 2021


Microcosmos Records announces Illusion of Gravity compiled by Sunduo project (Anton Janovich, Latvia).

Illusion of Gravity is a compilation of soft and airy chillout made by top-notch electronic music producers from all over the world. The fantastic well-being mood of the tracks brings a sense of lightness and weightlessness. Calm melodies seasoned by fresh progressive and downtempo grooves form a soulful ambient. The tracks of the compilation let you immerse into the feeling of magic, they make you forget about the gravity and float into the air!

Let yourself be carried away by the magic music of Illusion of Gravity by Sunduo and Microcosmos Records.


Manifold Studio