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Astronaut Ape, Ateris – Celestial Odyssey

Astronaut Ape — April 5, 2024


Embark on a cosmic adventure as you immerse yourself in the romantics of space exploration. “Celestial Odyssey” invites listeners to conquer unknown worlds and delve into the mysteries of the universe.
This mesmerizing track seamlessly blends synthesized sounds with live guitar, creating a sonic journey through the vast expanse of space.

Space is depicted as a realm distant, cold, and ruthless, yet undeniably attractive. With each note, the track evokes the allure of the unknown and the thrill of discovery. It serves as a reminder that true growth often lies in overcoming oneself on the path to new horizons.

Join us on this interstellar voyage with “Celestial Odyssey” and experience the boundless beauty of the cosmos like never before.


Written & produced by:
Astronaut Ape – Oleg Belousov

Ateris – Ivan Evsykhin

Astropilot Studio

Cover art:
Oleg Belousov & Stable Diffusion