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Astronaut Ape — Unknown Sector

Music album, 9 tracks
Microcosmos Records — August 16, 2016


Space. The dark, cold, and empty void between the stars. Despite all the space explorations, we still know nothing about it. What are quasars? How can we travel to another galaxy? Why the universe is expanding? Are there any other civilizations or we are alone in the space? We don’t have the answers yet. But there will be a day when humanity explores the unknown sector of space!

Astronaut Ape is a guy in the orange spacesuit. He does ambient and chill-out gigs for the last 5 years and got fans on every continent of planet Earth. Once he became an expert in proper mood flow at chill space of any size. Try what he has to offer on his 5th album!

Warm cosmic melodies topped up with radio transmissions, computer noises, and slow pulsating rhythm. They teleport us right into the spaceship. Robots doing routine tasks, crew members are on their stations, all systems ready to hyperspace jump. One lonely spaceman looks into the window… Deep bass patterns, relaxing echoes, and sci-fi sounds lift your emotions to a higher level. This music is inspirational and relaxing at the same time. Wonder what’s next?

Experience the great music journey in space and time! Welcome to the “Unknown Sector”.


Originally released at Microcosmos Records

All tracks were written & produced by Oleg Belousov

Cover artwork by Oleg Belousov

Mastered by Manifold Studio